Full-Time Faculty

Professor Jeremy Sarachan, Chair, Associate Professor

585-385-7277. Fay 210. jsarachan@sjfc.edu

  • BA (Film Studies and Psychology). University of Rochester.
  • MS (Information Technology: Multimedia/Web Design and Programming). Rochester Institute of Technology.

Professor Sarachan currently studies pedagogical techniques of teaching coding to liberal arts students and how viral videos and memes spread across the web. He is a practicing new media artist and theater actor and director. He lives with his wife and two children in Brighton.

    Select Publications
  • "Exploring the Online Playground: Understanding Motivation in Children’s Virtual Worlds,” in Journal of Gaming and Virtual Worlds.
  • "The Path Already Taken: Technological and Pedagogical Practices in Convergence Education,” in Journalism & Mass Communication Educator.
  • "Doctor Who, Slacktivism and Social Media Fandom,” in Doctor Who: Fan Phenomena. Intellect.
  • "Profile Picture, Right Here, Right Now,” in Facebook and Philosophy. Open Court.
  • "Limiting Screen Time is Not the Key to Parenting in the Digital Age,” in International Journal of Learning and Media.

Dr. Dougie Bicket, Associate Professor

585-899-3822. Fay 208. dbicket@sjfc.edu

  • BA. Glasgow Caledonian University.
  • MA. University of Washington.
  • PhD. University of Washington.

Dr. Bicket originally hails from Scotland. His current research focuses on media and public commemoration of the past. A history geek, Dr. Bicket loves exploring historic sites and spends part of the summer as a park ranger at Independence National Historic Park in Philadelphia, connecting Americans with their history.

    Select Publications
  • "Staying Above the Fray: The Strange Case of the National Park Service in an Era of Hyper Partisanship" in the Proceedings of the 2012 Northeast Popular Culture Association Conference.
  • "BBC News in the United States: A 'super-alternative' News Medium Emerges" in Media, Culture and Society.
  • “Window on the Wider World: Rise of British News in the US” in Journalism Practice.
  • “Circling the wagons: Containing the Impact of the Downing Street Memo Story in the United States” in Journal of Communication Inquiry.
  • “The 'Baghdad Broadcasting Corporation:' U.S. Conservatives Take Aim at the BBC” in Journalism: Theory, Practice & Criticism.

Professor Mary Loporcaro, Associate Professor

585-385-8234. Fay 109. mloporcaro@sjfc.edu

  • BA. Nazareth College.
  • MA (English). New York University.

After working for several years as a celebrity/entertainment journalist for TVGUIDE Magazine in Manhattan, Prof. Loporcaro relocated to Rochester where she wrote for the D&C Sunday magazine and began teaching magazine and advertising writing at Fisher. Her research interests center on how media and media digitization impact the culture. She has involved her students in community projects where they present their findings to PTA groups, demonstrating how children and teens may use and abuse media and social media. Her outside interests include playing piano and experimenting in dessert creations.

    Select Publications
  • AD Infinitum: The Many Paths into Advertising for the Films for the Humanities.
  • "The Influence of Media and Violence in Society", WXXI.
  • “Calvin Klein’s Seductive Ad Campaign and the 1st Amendment”, WXXI.
  • “How to Publish a Student-Written College Magazine”, NYSSCA.
  • “A Media Literate Approach to Judge Judy”, NYSSCA.

Dr. Jack Rosenberry, Professor

585-385-8206. Fay 204. jrosenberry@sjfc.edu

  • BA (Political Science/Journalism). Syracuse University.
  • MBA (Marketing/Innovation Management). Syracuse University.
  • PhD (Communication). SUNY-Buffalo.

Dr. Rosenberry had a 22-year career in newspaper journalism before joining the Fisher faculty in 2002 to teach the program's journalism courses. He is still an avid news junkie. His community activities include service on the boards of directors of the Rochester Media Association and the Irish American Cultural Institute. In his spare time he likes exercising (especially walking and biking), listening to music (especially jazz and Irish traditional), reading and crossword puzzles. He and his family live in Webster.

    Select Publications
  • Public Journalism 2.0: The Promise and Reality of a Citizen-Engaged Press. Routledge.
  • Applied Mass Communication: A Guide for Media Practitioners with Dr. Vicker. Pearson.
  • “Key Works in Community Journalism Research” in The Foundations of Community Journalism: A Primer for Research. Sage.
  • “Circulation and Community Population Are Factors in Newspapers’ Use of Social Media” in Newspaper Research Journal.
  • “Participants in Newspapers’ Online Forums Support Anonymity Despite Negative Effects” in Newspaper Research Journal.

Professor Arien Rozelle, Visiting Assistant Professor

585-385-8121. Fay 211. arozelle@sjfc.edu

  • BA (Communication). SUNY-Fredonia.
  • MS (Public Relations and Corporate Communication). New York University.

    Select Publications
  • FeelingAnxious PR, Founder.

Dr. Ronen Shay, Visiting Assistant Professor

585-555-5555. Fay 209. rshay@sjfc.edu

  • BS (Communication and Industrial Relations). University of Toronto.
  • MA (New Media). University of Amsterdam.
  • PhD (Mass Communication). University of Florida.

Originally from Toronto, Professor Shay’s research focuses on contemporary challenges in the field of media management and includes papers written on: windowed distribution strategies, pure play distribution, and the relationship between social media metrics and brand equity. He has presented his research at AEJMC, BEA, and ICA national conferences, the University of Zurich’s media branding symposium, and the 11th World Media Economics and Management Conference. Professor Shay has received top paper awards from the Management, Marketing and Programming Division of BEA (2015) and the Media Management and Economics division of AEJMC (2013 – 2015).

In his spare time he enjoys travelling to new places, skiing, snowboarding, and kayaking.

    Select Publications
  • "Audience Perspectives on the Perceived Quality of Pure Play Distribution: A Cross-platform Analysis,” in Handbook of Media Branding. Springer.
  • "Media Branding 3.0: From Media Brands to Branded Entertainment and Information,” in Handbook of Media Branding. Springer.
  • "Mobile Media Platform: Exploring Consumer Perception and Use of Tablets for Media Content,” in Palabra Clave.

Dr. Todd Sodano, Associate Professor

585-899-3724. Fay 212. tsodano@sjfc.edu

  • BS (Communication). Cornell University.
  • MA (Television-Radio). Syracuse University.
  • PhD (Social Science). Syracuse University.

Originally from New Jersey, Todd Sodano teaches classes in television history, filmmaking, and media studies. He graduated from Cornell University and started his production career at NBA Entertainment, where he worked on All-Star Weekend and NBA Draft events, regular season and playoff games, and widely distributed television programs. After earning his master’s degree from Syracuse University, Sodano managed the Newhouse School’s Edit Suites, the post-production facilities where students edit their original movies, TV shows, news stories, and music. While working toward his Ph.D. at Syracuse, he introduced the first collegiate class on The Wire, the critically acclaimed HBO series that he also examined in his award-winning doctoral dissertation.

Sodano joined Fisher in the fall of 2008 and remains active in pursuing current trends and developments in television and film. He was named a 2012 Faculty Fellow by the Television Academy Foundation in Los Angeles and has spoken in classes at Harvard Law School, Penn State University, and Emerson College. His research examines U.S. prime-time television programming from industrial, cultural, technological, and aesthetic perspectives. Sodano was honored to receive the 2013 Father Dorsey Award at Fisher, which recognizes a teacher’s “dedication to the student life experience both in and out of the classroom; and for commitment to challenging and supporting students in order for them to become the best they can be as individuals.”

In addition to attending Bruce Springsteen concerts and talking about television, he likes to travel, eat, cook, and run.

    Select Publications
  • "Nine Innings and 9/11: Tragedy, the Passage of Time, and America’s Pastime,” in Identity and Myth in Sports Documentaries. Scarecrow Press.
  • "Television’s Paradigm (Time)shift: Production and Consumption Practices in the Post-Network Era,” in Time in Television Narrative: Exploring Temporality in 21st Century Programming. University Press of Mississippi.
  • "Integrating Lecture Capture as a Teaching Strategy to Improve Student Presentation Skills Through Self-Assessment,” in Active Learning in Higher Education.

Dr. Lauren Vicker, Professor

585-385-8205. Fay 203. lvicker@sjfc.edu

  • BS (Speech and Theater Arts). Pennsylvania State University.
  • MA (Rhetoric and Communications). University of Pittsburgh.
  • PhD (Communications). University of Pittsburgh.

Dr. Vicker serves as the department’s Internship Director and Coordinator for the Communications Careers Seminar. She also teaches courses in Interviewing, Public Speaking, and Group Dynamics, including communication courses for the Wegmans School of Pharmacy. She can often be seen in the TV studio conducting interviews for Fisher’s educational access channel.

Dr. Vicker came to Fisher after teaching at Syracuse University and St. Cloud State in Minnesota. She serves as the Communications Coordinator for an urban church and emergency food cupboard and is one of the founding members of Fisher’s Yarn Circle, which knits items for children at the Anthony Jordan Health Center. In her spare time, she likes to bike and work out, read a wide variety of fiction and non-fiction, tend a huge garden, and use social media to keep in touch with family and former students who are no longer in Rochester. With over 500 LinkedIn contacts, Dr. Vicker is a good resource for informational interviews, job shadowing, and networking in the Rochester area and beyond.

    Select Publications
  • "Engaging Students in Internships and Co-curricular Activities" in progress.
  • “Entering the Game at Halftime: Engaging Transfer Students in Internships and Co-curricular activities” presented at AEJMC. Top paper award, .
  • Applied Mass Communication: A Guide for Media Practitioners(with Dr. Rosenberry). Pearson.
  • The Complete Academic Search Manual: A Systematic Approach to Successful and Inclusive Hiring. Stylus Publishing.
  • "Verbal Communication Workshop for Self-Identified P3 Pharmacy Students: A Model for Successful Collaboration with a Communications Department,”. Presented to the Annual Meeting of the American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy.

Affiliated faculty in Digital Cultures and Technologies

Dr. Barney Ricca, Associate Professor of Mathematical and Computing Sciences

585-899-3866. Pioch 114C. bricca@sjfc.edu

  • BA/BS (Mathematics and Physics). University of Dallas.
  • MS (Physics). University of Chicago.
  • PhD (Physics). University of Chicago.

Although his parents graduated from Syracuse University, Dr. Ricca grew up in Arlington, TX, and was teaching in Chicago before moving to Rochester. He's interested in interdisciplinary problems and his research over the years has involved the physics of musical instruments (mostly violins and pianos), the induction of high school English teachers, learning mathematics, teaching and learning in Pharmacy schools, the preparation of teachers in general (and Science and Math teachers specifically), methods for understanding complex systems, and the physics of roller coasters.

His current research work concerns complex and networked systems, and he is the Editor of "Complicity: An International Journal of Complexity and Education".

    Select Publications
  • "Understanding Students’ Difficulties with Integration through a Card Sort Task" in Investigations in Mathematics Learning.
  • "Graph Theoretic Methods for the Analysis of Data in Developing Systems" in Quality and Quantity.
  • "Design of a Problem Based Learning Pain and Palliative Care Elective Course" in Currents in Pharmacy Teaching and Learning.
  • "The Evolution of Student Ideas: The Case of Multiplication" in the Proceedings of the 40th Annual Meeting of the Research Council on Mathematics Learning.
  • "Beyond teaching methods: A complexity approach”in Complicity.

Dr. Wendi Sierra, Assistant Professor of English

585-899-3866. Pioch 114C. wsierra@sjfc.edu

  • BA (Literature). University of Oklahoma.
  • MA (Composition, Rhetoric, and Literacy Studies). University of Oklahoma.
  • PhD (Communication, Rhetoric, and Digital Media). North Carolina State University.

While she has a deep interest in all areas of digital cultures, Dr. Sierra's primary research focus is on the rhetorics of games and game design. An essential part of her research includes critical making, designing both digital and analog games for a variety of audiences and creating in general. She is a particular fan of indie games, horror games, and World of Warcraft.

    Select Publications
  • "Ode to Sparklepony: Gamification in Action" in Kairos: Rhetoric, Technology and Pedagogy.
  • "Lend Me Some Gold: Demonstrating Context-Dependent Credibility in Virtual Worlds" in Online Credibility and Digital Ethos: Evaluating Computer-Mediated Communication. IGI Global.
  • "A Place to Call Home: The Experience of One Guild Chat in World of Warcraft.”in Writing and the Digital Generation: Essays on New Media Rhetoric . McFarland & Company.


Tom Proietti, Media Scholar in Residence

585-385-8178. Fay 205. tprorietti@sjfc.edu

  • BA. St. John Fisher College.
  • MS. Syracuse University.


Cecil Felton, Advisor to Cardinal Television and Coordinator of the Media Arts Center

Basil 202. cfelton@sjfc.edu

  • MS. St. John Fisher College.

Marie Villa, Advisor to Cardinal Media

585-385-7393. Basil 014A. mvilla@sjfc.edu

  • BA. SUNY-Oswego.

Adjunct Faculty

Professor Heather Erwin


  • BFA. Rochester Institute of Technology.
  • MSEd. Nazareth College.

Heather Erwin's love of art was apparent in elementary school and flourished under the guidance of many talented mentors and teachers. Her first job was in a type house for a local printer. This experience can be seen in her love of typography in a wide-range of her work. She credits the Democrat and Chronicle as the job where she learned how to take risks and thrive under deadline pressure. She worked for local marketing and advertising firms until going back to school for Education at Nazareth College. She now works at Buckman Heights (a school in Greece, NY), St. John Fisher, RIT and runs Studio 215.

Professor Ginni Jurkowski


  • BA (Communication/Journalism). St. John Fisher College.
  • MA (Communication). SUNY Brockport.

Professor Jurkowski studies the impact of electronic devices on interpersonal, generational, educational and business communication.

Professor Kevin Kane


  • BA (Communication/Journalism). St. John Fisher College.
  • MS (Communication Management). Syracuse University.

Professor Kane has worked at a few nonprofit health education agencies including the American Diabetes Association, at ViaHealth (Rochester General Hospital), and has been at Excellus BlueCross BlueShield since 2000 serving most recently as a Corporate Communications Special Projects Manager. At Excellus BCBS, he provides communications support to all areas of the corporation, oversees the content, writing, editing and production of member newsletters, until recently he served as Editor-in-Chief for a health journal, assists with crisis communications and media relations, creates speaking points and departmental/project-based communications plans.

Professor Rob Linton


  • AAS (Television and Photography). Monroe Community College.
  • BA (Communication/Journalism). St. John Fisher College.
  • MSEd (Education). SUNY Oswego.

Professor Linton currently manages Jazz90.1 (WGMC-FM 90.1) in Rochester and also serves as afternoon drive host. Previously at 1180 WHAM, he served as News Anchor, Producer and Public Service Director. He also was Promotions Coordinator for 106.7 KISS FM, 100.5 The Drive, Sunny 102.3, 95.1 The Brew, Sports Radio 1280 AM and 107.3 FM.

Before coming to WHAM, Professor Linton worked briefly at WWWG 1460AM as a producer and DJ while still in high school and with WHAM TV-13 as web content editor. He also owns and operates a mobile disc jockey service.

Professor Stephen Scherer


  • BFA (Advertising Design). Bradley University.

A full-time faculty member at RIT, Professor Scherer worked in advertising, design and marketing communications his entire career at several of Rochester’s largest advertising agencies and design studios. He has won numerous awards for advertising art direction, including ADDYs and Telly awards. He and his wife, Gale, currently operate a marketing design firm, Studio West Design in Pittsford.